OAC is a boutique recruitment agency originated from Hong Kong. We value ease of use for our customers, and take responsibilty in our work seriously.


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Simple - Efficient - Reliable

We base our work on these 3 pillars. We make sure your case is well taken care of in the most simple ways, most effective ways and still retain our quality

Our clients are one of our most solid proof of our work.
Would you like to test our quality yourself?

Over the last 7 years, we got to build up these numbers from scratch.

~100 Closed Deals

from middle management
to C-level positions

Over 100 Clients

from Vietnam, Thailand
and Hong Kong

Over 1000 Associate to Senior consultants

Trained by OAC Recruitment Academy

These are our sharable knowledge that we gathered from our time in the industry, from tips to lessons, news to views expressions, our stories and your stories.

Get a career, not a job.
Join us and let your talents fly high.

We base our environment on 5 main pillars:
Fail fast – Listen more – Nuture growth – Push boundaries – Spread love