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OAC Talent Acquisition Service (TAS) has been developed to identify a company’s talent challenges and build sustainable talent recruitment strategies that provide support at every stage of the candidate journey. From employer brand building and attraction to screening and training, the TAS program provides a customized approach based on the company’s needs. The goal is to build a talent plan and execute that plan alongside the company’s existing recruiting efforts to help them solve their biggest talent challenges. 

OAC uses a three-pronged approach to support a company’s growth and hiring goals in Southeast Asia: 

  • Talent attraction, sourcing, and marketing 
  • Pre-screening and assessments 
  • HR Consultancy 

OAC’s headhunting services are designed to cater to your organization’s requirements by sourcing quality candidates across managerial levels. Throughout the process, we focus on ensuring the best headhunting services. With a wide pool of skilled talent, our headhunters pick the best of the lot to aid your business’ growth. We are currently focused on (but not limited) following industries:

As a leading recruitment provider, we’re proud to invest in talented people. 

That’s why, back in 2020, we launched the Recruitment Academy by OAC – an intensive 10-session training programme designed to help recruiters & non-recruiters to improve & deep dive with their skills, making them become fully-trained recruitment consultants.

With a transparent growth and development structure, trained consultants will be able to build their career as a freelance headhunter or become a headhunter with OAC after graduating.